No matter the job, safety always comes first.

Here at Mountaineer Contractors, safety is of the utmost importance to us—it is placed first, in front of all other discussions and considerations. I personally attend all Part 48 and 77 refresher courses as well as all other annual safety courses our company schedules. In the classes and meetings, I relay to our supervisors and employees the importance of safety on the project site, and I explain our ‘zero tolerance’ commitment to safety. I am very proud of our company's safety history and the conscientious manner in which our employees go about their daily tasks.


Experience Modification Rating

  • 2016 0.71
  • 2015 0.67
  • 2014 0.73
  • 2013 0.73
  • 2012 0.78
  • 2011 0.78
  • 2010 0.82

We currently maintain an “A” rating with ISNETWORLD.